When you lose a partner, child or friend…
weather it’s all of a sudden or after a long battle with a disease…
it always takes us by surprise. 

In these often tough, emotional times in life, mortician LITS would like to stand by you. To help you go through all the practical matters you are faced with during the first hours and days after the passing away of a loved one. We can take care of certain matters for you, for others we will guide you along the way as best as we can. We hope we can offer you the support you need and we want to do everything we can, so you can give your lost one a dignified farewell.

Mortician LITS has its own funeral parlour to its disposal. The funeral parlour is equipped in such a way that we can keep the remains of the diseased in the best way possible. In the dedicated room we offer you the possibility to pay your last respects. Here you can take your time to pay your last respects in an intimate and private way.

We also have a larger room, where we can organize a farewell in the presence of family, before or after the funeral. In the large room we can place about 50 people.

The entire team of mortician LITS will heartily help you plan the funeral of your loved one, keeping in mind all of your wishes, as well as the diseased ones last wishes. Taking into account your budget and always following the deontological code and the laws on the last care and mourning guidance.

  • Respect for the deceased one and their families
  • Personal arrangement for the funeral according to the budget and wishes
  • helping out with the formalities in a discrete way
  • trustworthy contact to ensure your privacy
  • working by the ways of the deontological code, ethics and law
  • burials and incinerations – in a religious or in a civil way
  • organising funerals throughout Belgium and transfers abroad
  • contracts and assurances of death 

Funeral Service at your service since 1942

BCE : n°0422.825.671